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She's Madeline, She's Madeline

Bravest of Them All

She's Madeline, She's Madeline

Home and Day 3!

October 20th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Maddie got to come home yesterday morning and we were all so happy to get her here.  She is doing really well considering everything she’s been through and her hospital anxiety levels.  The first thing she did when she arrived home is go straight to the backyard to potty (still wasn’t squatting but who cares)!!  We were so proud of her!!  Then she ate and took meds and took a power nap lol.  As of this morning she’s been home for 24 hours and she’s doing a little better every hour.  She is getting up and hopping from one place to another.  She stood up to eat her dinner last night which surprised me and she’s now squatting to potty!!

She has had a bit of a ‘tude with her doggie brother – growling and lunging at him when he walks near her so we are keeping them apart.  He is very upset and just whines by the door to the family room where Maddie is.  I told him that she’s not feeling well and needs time to recover.  I pray that she’s not in more pain than she’s letting on though.  That is a worry I have.  She insists on laying on her incision side but the hospital says that’s fine – that sometimes the pressure feels good.  We’re icing her incision regularly and all in all she is doing great.

I’ve read on the forums about the possibility of a “crash” in a couple days when all the hospital meds are out of her system.  We are keeping a close eye on her.

All things considered – she is doing really, really well and I’m hoping when she is feeling back to her normal happy self, she’ll want to be with her buddy again!!!

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • dawn3g

    Sounds like she’s doing awesome!! Welcome home, Maddie! She is a beautiful girl, and looks really happy in her pictures.

  • Lee Kleinsmith

    I am glad to hear she is doing good. My girl, Bella, Great Dane, Left front leg amputated,9.5yrs , was doing good . It is day 6 for her post op and she started yelping with pain when she puts her front paw down .Her incision legs geat

    • maniacmads

      OMG I’m sorry she’s having pain! What meds is she on? Maddie is on Deramaxx 100 mg, 600 mg Tramadol and 400 mg Gabapentin a day. SHe had one incident where she jumped up and yelped in pain, but as quick as it came on, it passed. I did notice that she’s favoring her one rear leg and I’m wondering if she pulled a muscle trying to learn balance. Could Bella have strained that other ankle or shoulder maybe? It’s unbelievably stressful isn’t it? Trying to help them and it being completely out of our control.

  • benny55

    Eatinv…squatting…telling her brother to “step away from .idd Maddie” for awhile…yeah, she’s soing great!! 🙂

    I love her photos. She even has a little sparkle shining tbrough in those druggy eyes! 🙂

    You’re doing an EXCELLENT job of providing good care. It’s still so very, very early, but recovery doesn’t last forever! Just seems like it!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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