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She's Madeline, She's Madeline

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She's Madeline, She's Madeline


November 1st, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Two weeks ago yesterday Maddie had her amputation surgery.  It seems like so much longer than that but then in some ways I can’t believe it’s been two weeks.  I am so proud of her and how well she’s doing.  When I think about what so many have went through, I am thankful that Maddie’s recovery has been pretty smooth.  She’s been off the pain meds for 5 days and other than an occasional bout of panting, she does not seem to have any discomfort.  She’s eating and drinking really well again and moving around a little more in her “area”.  I still haven’t given her free access to the house because I’m worried about her falling or hurting herself; she still struggles with walking and tires really quickly.   We are going out three or four short trips a day and each time we try to add another step or two, go just a little bit farther.  The real problem that we’re facing is she’s BORED!!!  At least when she was on pain meds, she slept a lot!!!  Now she just sort of sits there, staring out the back door. Someone is always sitting with her and we haven’t left her home alone at all yet.  We do leave her alone in the room for 10 or 15 minute intervals here and there because sooner or later, there will be a day where we all HAVE to work!

Next Wednesday is her first chemo treatment and they told me it will only take about 30 minutes!  I was surprised as I expected it to be a couple hours.   Of course now this is something new for me to worry about – will it make her sick?  Will this impede her recovery from surgery?  Can I afford this after the surgery (that’s a big one).  I am so fortunate in that my daughter paid for the actual surgery and I paid for all the rest – so we basically split it 50/50.  But that’s still close to $4k each and we’re both now feeling it financially.   This also couldn’t come at a worse time because we’re planning her wedding for next August – which is another big nut.  It is just me and my two daughters and my youngest daughter just finished college and is still looking for full time employment.  So the money part is hard.  The chemo is supposed to be another $4000.  But none of us have even considered NOT doing it.  My mother always said that things work out.  So that’s what I’m counting on, financially anyway!  I’m counting on the doctors to get Maddie well!

She still will not even tolerate seeing her brother.  He’s so confused and upset and I feel so sorry for him.  He just had eye surgery over the summer for a cancerous tumor so we have his battles to fight too.  And the fact that he can’t be with his best friend is just torturing him.  For the first time in years he had an accident in the house.  I really believe this is just because he’s so confused with his life being turned upside down.  I am hoping that once Maddie starts moving around better, she’ll be friendlier to him but I do not think I’ll ever leave them alone together again.  She has about 100 lbs on him and even with just three legs, I know she could seriously hurt him if she wanted to.  So they’re destined to have to spend at least part of their lives apart.  This makes me sad for both of them.

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  • paws120

    Wow, heavy duty, I understand. Ours has cost us over 3000.00. Kind of ironic for a feral baby that we are trying so hard to domesticate. Will the place she’s going to allow for a payment plan? Sounds silly I know, but a lot of good places will. Some even will open a line of credit for 0 interest over time. You need to ask. The worst that can happen is they say no. Please never say never. When all is said and done they may be besties again. Mine has needed additional medication. I believe he has a phantom limb problem and from just what I observe can show aggressive behavior.
    Please try to breathe. I know it’s hard, I’m right there with you, I understand.
    Your other baby may need lots of tlc to get through this. Look to see if medication can be an option to help Maggie’s recovery. I’m sorry for your situation and I’m by no means an expert. Sometimes you have to look outside of the box for a solution. You’re a great pawrent (((hug))) it will all work out.
    One day at a time is all you can do.
    Jackie, David, and Huckleberry

    • maniacmads

      Thanks so much! No, they don’t let us do a payment plan and for the surgery we had to pay 75% up front when we dropped her off! They are very expensive but the only other option was UPenn which is obviously a great hospital but just as expensive and farther away. Given Maddie’s dislike for car rides, I opted with the hospital closer to home. They are all excellent and they did a spectacular job on the amputation. but ouch for the cost lol. Of course, it was a lot more because of her size – she was 167 pre surgery. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I am just thankful that we were able to do it, I know that many cannot no matter how hard they try.

  • rochar21

    You can ask or apply online for care credit. We hadn’t used ours for so long that they closed it so we reapplied online and the vet could immediately access the line of credit. You have to spend so much to get the promotional 0%. our chemo place actually charges a fee to use the card.

    Chemo was scary for me above the amputation. I learned the drug stays in up to 72 hours so take special care in disposing of poo poo waste and cleaning up any accidents. Other than Rufus needing a nap when we got home, chemo was great. I’ll take Rufus to get blood work two weeks past chemo to make sure WBC is good and then the day before chemo. I’d hate to drive to chemo to get denied because WBC were low.
    Keep up the strong work running your pack. We’re here for you!

    • maniacmads

      Thanks – yes I have care credit which I used for my other dogs eye surgery over the summer!!! I do have enough remaining to put the first two chemo treatments on it so that’s the plan. What kind of chemo did Rufus get? I believe they are going to use carboplatin (sp?) but I’m not 100%. Apparently there is another option. I just told her if given a choice, I’d rather her get the one with the fewest side effects. I’m really nervous about the chemo too. I actually considered NOT doing it. But after putting her thru the surgery and all the discomfort leading up to the surgery, I feel like she deserves the chance for some extra time! So paws crossed for all the tripawds!

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